Presently, the erection of this monument is anappearance of the attitude
of the Azerbaijani people
to his historical past and culture.
İlham Aliyev


Zangula (Trill) - (Pers.: meaning small bell) 1. The 9th Mugham system among the 12 classic Mughams of Near East.
2. It is one of decorations and additional fine attachments of Azerbaijani Mugham which enriches the vocal art. In the Mugham and Ashyg arts it is better and more beautiful performance of the vocal works aiming creation more happiness and pleasure in the audiences by performing in harmonic manner by use of trill.


Zanjirlama - it is one of the interesting forms of Divaniyya Mukhammas with 15 syllables. As shown in its name, every hemistich in it looks like a ring of chain which is the whole poem: the second hemistich completes the words of the first one, and in the same ways the third one is continuation of the second hemistich.


Zarinji - it is one of melodies created by Borchali Ashygs. It is performed on General tuning, Urfani fret based on Qoshma poem form.


Zikr – means remembering, memory.


Zumzuma, Croon - it means performing a populated melody with lower voice. It is used for more and more familiarization with the melody.


Zuy Tutmaq - accompany a piper on a wind instrument (see: damsaz).