Presently, the erection of this monument is anappearance of the attitude
of the Azerbaijani people
to his historical past and culture.
İlham Aliyev


Yaniq Karami - it is performed on Dilqami tuning, Bash fret on the basis of Qoshma poem form.


Yaniq Karami Fret - it is the second gut fret on Saz fingerboard . (See: Orta (middle) fret, half fret, Tajnis fret, Karam fret, Yetim fret).


Yanshag (Minstrel, Ashyg) - it means folkloric singer, Ashyg. We believe this nickname has been given by the king officials or government authorities to Ashygs.


Yasti fret - it is the 6th fret, Kechiji (transition) fret.


Yasti Sherili - this melody has been written by Ashyg Najaf.


Yedaklama (towage) - it is one of the specifications of Ashygs of Azerbaijan and Iran. Yedaklama (towage) has its special importance in Ashyg vocal art. By the fine performance of Yedaklama (towage), the meaning of the words is well understood by the audience. It completes the idea underlying in the poem and causes insight into its meaning. The master Ashygs have added Yedaklama (towage) to other music pieces whereby enriched the work.
Ay qız dur get, sabah oldu.
Yandı bağrım kabab oldu.
(Bağdad dübeyti)

A beyvəfa (bivəfa) cəfa,
Bil ki, ömrə yoxdur vəfa.
(Azaflı dübeyti)

Oh lady, it's enough, go home, it's morning;
My heart was burnt.
(Baghdad Dubeyti)

Oh! Unfaithful misery;
But know that the life is not faithful too.
(Azafli dubeyti)


Yetim fret - it is chromatic halft-tone. The Brochanli Ashygs (Ashyg Amrah Gulmammadov, Huseyn Sarajli) name it as second fret. (See: orta (middle) fret, Yarim (middle) fret, Karam fret, Urfani fret, Yetim fret).


Yungul Sharili (Light Sharili) - it is called Najafi sometimes. It is performed in Shah (King) fret.


Yurdyeri - this melody is performed in general tuning, Qarachi tuning based on Qoshma poem form.