Presently, the erection of this monument is anappearance of the attitude
of the Azerbaijani people
to his historical past and culture.
İlham Aliyev


Quatrain - 1. It is one of widely populated form of lyric poem in eastern world. The rhymes in 1st, 2nd and 4th hemistiches are the same but the 3rd hemistich has no rhyme.
2. The creation of Rubai Ashyg melody is related to Khasta Qasim. This melody is performed on Ayaq Divani tuning, Divani gut fret, based on Quatrain poem.


Quatrain Koroghlu - its other name is "Rubai". It is performed on General tuning, Qarachi tuning, and istarted from Sah (king) gut fret and performed on the basis of qoshma poem form.


Quotation, citation - it means the intact citation of any part of a text without any change. Any person, who used quotation, uses an outstanding and famous figure's statement to prove his own tough; it also used in critical approach to the writer or the text. Ashygs sometimes use quotation of other ones in their performance.