Presently, the erection of this monument is anappearance of the attitude
of the Azerbaijani people
to his historical past and culture.
İlham Aliyev


Vagifi – other name is "Vagif gozellemesi" or "Panah gozellemesi". This melody referring to Molla Panah Vagif is sang on goshma poetry for on common tune, Garachi tune beginning from shah fret.


Vanaghzi - other names for this melody are Fakhri, Turaji; it's performed on Shah (king) fret.


Variant - it means the revision made by the artists on a art work and / or its known part. It also is applicable to Ashyg music genre because a melody is capable to be performed in different variants.


Variant, variation - it is a different arrangements made on a known artwork. There are several revisions in works composed by composers. In a wider meaning it means the differences between the handwriting variants and published variants of a known musical work. Also in the folkloric it means the performance of a known art work by different performers after making some adjustments. Also the same artist may perform the same work in some variants. Variation is one of the essential elements for improvement of folkloric arts.


Varsaghi - it is type of poem used in some oriental people's folkloric arts. Its name is related with one of ancient Azerbaijani tribes. Also there is some ideas about existence of an instrument named Varsaq and artists performing it. This melody had being in sue in the medieval era for performing lyrics-love songs and also Sufism songs and advices. This type of poem has 4 hemistiches each with 8 syllables and contains few pieces. In Turkmen literature it means a comic love song.


Varsaq - it means the old forms of folkloric singer. They are ancestors to the contemporary Ashygs.


Vasf (Description) - it means description of beauty of human or special objects by use of uncommon and artistic expression. This is widely used by Ashiqs in their narrations.


Vasfi-hal (Biography, monograph) - it relates to auspice in the ancient folkloric. It is performed in syllabic form and contains 4 hemistiches which resembles to Bayati from point of view of complexity and some other characteristics. Biography reflects the worldviews, customs, and believes of Azerbaijani people in the past which are being performed in some events. The method of performance of this melody is as follows: a bowl is filled with water and covered by a piece of cloth. Everyone, who desires to know his / her biography falls a ring or other specific object into the bowl. The person stands near the bowl (in majority of cases a woman) tells a Bayati for each specific object that she takes out from the bowl and it refers to the events to be happen to the owner of the object.


Vatad - 1. It is a stopping stress in the syllable of poems and means the correct arrangement of different long and short syllables in a music based on prosody principles.
2. It is a measurement scale made of two strokes.


Vatar (String) - originated from Arabic. It means string.


Virtue - (Italian virtuoso; Latin: virtus; virtue, talent) Is a performer who is capable to perform the musical works with specific technical and artistic style.


Voice - 1. It is each of the lines forming the musical factor.
2. It is the voice of vocalist or signer.


Voice timbre, voice color - it had been one of the important factors; it is closely related to expression and intonation. In instrumental music, each music instrument has its own timbre. Vojudnama - it is a one of the poem forms used up to the end of the 20th century. From philosophical point of view, Vojudnama is a type of monographic work on visits, and the path a person went from embryo up to death. This genre has not a definitive form. In many of times it is performed in the form of Murabba, Garayli and Mukhammas form. Here there is a sample of this genre written by the most outstanding master in this field:
Əsli binadan vəsfimi söyləyim:
Ata bətnindən gəlmişəm anaya.
Ananın bətnində qan oldum durdum,
Sanasan ki, qəvvas düşdü dəryaya.
(Aşıq Valeh)

I wish to tell you about my life from the very beginning;
I have come from father's life to mother;
I became a blood and stayed there;
I was swimming like a diver.
(Ashiq Valeh)


Vurghunu - it is melody created by Ashyg Adalat Nasibov and it is performed on Dilqami tuning, and Bash fret.