Presently, the erection of this monument is anappearance of the attitude
of the Azerbaijani people
to his historical past and culture.
İlham Aliyev


Un - sound, voice, vocal performance.


Unison - (Ital.: Unissono; Lat.: Unu – one, sound, voice) it means two or more musical parts sounding the same pitch at an octave interaval usuallay at the same time. Prime or perfect prime. Also means the two or more vocalist simultaneously performing the same song.


Upper strings - the tuning of these strings remain unchanged. Based on their function in the melody, they are also known as Dam strings.


Urfani - 1. It's also called Ruhani. It is performed on Urfani fret, based on Qoshma poem form.
2. It also is a tuning mode in Saz.


Urfani fret - it is the second fret on fingerboard of Saz (See: Orta (middle) fret, half fret, Tajnis fret, Karam fret, Yetim fret).


Urfani melodies - they are melodies relating to the outstanding figures in Ashyg art.


Urfani tuning - it is the third fret of Saz and is its name originated from Urfani melody or Orta (middle) tuning.


Ustad (Master) - means master, instructor, art master.


Ustad (Master) Ashygs - the outstanding Saz performer and singer who has created some new melodies, and one that transfers the his / her art to the next generation.


Ustadname (Master letter) - it is one of lyric genres in Azerbaijani folkloric. It is often composed in the form of Qoshma poem. Since the poem contains the proverbs and well-known advices they are named Ustadnama (master's letter). The Master's Letter in Azerbaijani Ashyg poetry is normally written on the basis of Bayati, Garayli, Qoshma, Mukhammas, Tajnis, Divani, Varsaghi, etc. melodies. They contain a wide range of subjects.